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Looking for Guaranteed Rent letting agents in London? You've come to the right place!

Our team at Ladybird Living Ltd specialise in guaranteed rent for property owners across London.

If you are a property owner looking to let your property without any hassle, our Guaranteed Rent service is the perfect solution for you. 

How does guaranteed rent work?

A member of our team will visit your property and conduct a free, no obligation market valuation to provide you with an accurate figure you can be sure to receive via our Guaranteed Rent Management Service. Within 24 hours Ladybirdliving will provide you with a formal written offer. Once you are happy to proceed with the offer and the property meets the required minimum standards, we can begin the lease within 7 working days, subject to the necessary documentation being provided.

What are the fees?

No fees are payable for letting your property via our Guaranteed Rent Management Service. As a landlord you are not liable to pay any commission, agency fees or any "hidden extras". The rental figure offered is inclusive of our management service.

How long does the lease last for?

Our Guaranteed Rent Management Service is offered on a 2-5 year basis. Landlords tend to secure longer-term leases as the option of fixed rental income and minimal costs bring security, as well as creating a stable platform for accelerated property investments.

Do you carry out inspections?

A property manager will inspect your property every 4 weeks. Regular visits are a must to ensure the property is being well kept, as well as advising the occupant on how to best maintain the property.

How do I receive rent?

How do I receive rent? Rent is paid directly into your nominated bank account via BACS on the same day of every month. You will never experience a late payment again.

We offer the following: 

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