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Ladybird Living takes pride in being transparent regarding the services
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Why choose Ladybird Living?

Financial Earnings : We utilise a dynamic algorithm which increases revenue through competitive pricing and discounted rates.

Flexibility : We provide a remote check-in service. This provides flexibility as the property can be accessed outside of business hours.

More Security : The regular visitors and service means that your property will be at a reduced risk of break-ins.

guaranteed rent

Our team at Ladybird Living Ltd specialise in guaranteed rent for property owners across London.

If you are a property owner looking to let your property without any hassle, our Guaranteed Rent service is the perfect solution for you.

management services

Ladybird Living has the systems and processes in place to help you manage your obligations as a landlord. We coordinate and manage contractors ranging from repairmen and locksmiths to electrical safety inspectors and surveyors. We will be your main point of contact for most of your property related matters and your involvement will mainly be limited to providing approval for a works to proceed.

block management

Ladybird Living Ltd offers a specialist block management service to manage buildings throughout London. Our experienced and dedicated property management team are here to ensure managing your building is hassle free.

service charge and budget management






repairs and maintenance




developers and freeholders


free valuation

We offer both in-person and instant online valuations, just click the button below and enter your postcode below for an indication of what your property is worth. You can also get a lettings valuation to see what rental you can achieve for your rental property. There are no upfront fees.