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Ladybird Living

A home away from home

A home away from home

Why choose Ladybird Living?

Financial earnings

We utilise a dynamic algorithm which increases revenue through competitive pricing and discounted rates.


We provide a remote check-in service. This provides flexibility as the property can be accessed outside of business hours.

More security

The regular visitors and service means that your property will be at a reduced risk of break-ins.

Guest management

From bookings to giving directions, we vet our guests thoroughly to ensure that we attract the right kind of clients to your property.

Professional housekeeping

Our linen & towels are of a high quality hotel standard and the cleaning companies we employ ensure all their cleaners are DBS checked.

Reports and charts

You will have access to complete reports based on: – total booked nights – average nights per stay – occupancy rate – your revenue.

The range algorithm

We use a top of the range algorithm which assesses the market rate for your property based on nightly rates, occupancy, competition, and more.

This built in dynamic tool will optimise your Airbnb pricing approach, boost revenue, and position your properties for success.

Next steps

Please contact our team who will guide you through the onboarding process.
Once you are onboarded, we will prepare your listing on our portal and ensure your property is ready to receive guests.
Listing goes live and we look forward to your first booking. You will have full oversight of your property’s availability calendar.
We will welcome your first guests and your first payment will be received soon after guest check-in.