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What plans does the Labour Party have regarding the private rented sector?

According to a recent Ipsos Political Monitor survey, 37% of those who took part anticipate a Labour majority in the next General Election, while 22% expect a hung parliament with Labour as the ...

How to manage an increasing number of property inquiries

A substantial surge in calls to leasing agents has led to staff spending more time than ever addressing phone inquiries. Agents are facing up to ten times the usual number of daily incoming calls in ...

Learning from New York: To what extent should the UK limit short-term rentals?

New York has recently implemented new regulations for short-term lets, producing an immediate impact. This raises the question: to what extent should the UK government follow suit? ...

Unpaid utility bills: What will the deposit cover?

Typically, landlords must demonstrate a financial loss to make a claim from the tenancy deposit. Non-payment of utility bills by the tenant does not automatically translate to a financial loss for the ...

Secret subletting among tenants

Airbnb, a platform specialising in short-term rentals, has sparked controversy within the private rented sector by encouraging tenants to lease out their spare rooms. A previously conducted survey by ...

Rent decreases by 11% since summer ended

Rent prices took a notable 11% downturn following the scorching summer as the market experienced a cooling phase in October. The latest report by the Goodlord Rental Index indicates a substantial drop ...

Debunking Four Common Misconceptions About Deposit Replacement Schemes

In recent years , Deposit Replacement Schemes have gained more popularity and have recently been mentioned in the How to Rent Guide. However, there are still many misconceptions about deposits and ...

Guide to the Judicial Reforms in the Renters Reform Bill

The Renters (Reform) Bill represents a significant legislative endeavour aimed at revamping the private rental sector. Among its primary objectives is the eradication of Section 21 "no fault" ...

How are elevated rental costs impacting tenant affordability and choices?

The data indicates that there has been minimal change in recent months; rents remain steep, and available rental properties are scarce. According to the "State of the Lettings Industry 2023" report ...

Landlords: Limited companies on the rise

Limited company structures are gaining popularity among landlords, with Hamptons reporting that a significant 74% of landlords purchasing buy-to-let properties in 2023 have chosen this business ...

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