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Jan 11 2022

How much is my house worth?

Finding out the exact value of your home is an important, but challenging task. Whether you have recently gained a general interest in property or want to sell your own home, we are here to give you a brief overview of some of the factors that may impact the value of your property.


A beautiful house at a location without easy access to basic facilities is unlikely to sell.

The ideal house is one which is located in an area with easy access to all the basic facilities including supermarkets, hospitals, transportation, entertainment and popular, high-achieving schools. Additionally, recent developments in your area can have a huge impact on potential buyers’ decision making process – greater improvements and development will certainly increase the value of your home!


When moving to a new area, people often ask: is my neighbourhood safe? Has there been a history of crime? Potential buyers would be keen to do their research on the history of the area before making their final decision. As such, any negative public information about the area would naturally deter potential buyers.


The age, size and condition of your home will also have an impact on its value.

Regarding the age of property, some people may prefer older buildings as they may look for Victorian, traditional styles with historical connections, whilst others may prefer modern buildings. Older properties, however, may have not been built well or do not have effective insulation.

Additionally, the size and condition of your home are other factors your potential buyers will consider depending on the size of their family and their needs. There may also be hidden, internal factors that may impact the value of your property. Issues such as damp, boiler and plumbing problems.

So, how do I find out the exact value of my home?

At Ladybird Living Ltd, our estate agents are highly qualified professionals, who are informed on the current market and are able to provide an honest and accurate valuation, whether you are intending to sell your property or you are just simply curious about the price of your home.

We will use our expertise of the local market , evaluate the condition of your property and use our knowledge of any developments in the area that could impact the value of your home.


The value of property is always changing depending on demand and recent developments in particular areas.

Tips from us: Keep up-to-date with real-estate market trends, interest rates and appraisal of your local area – by doing this, you will be successful in selling your home!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our professional team at Ladybird Living Ltd if you are interested in finding out how much your property might be worth!


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