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Oct 28 2022

How to prepare your property for power cuts?

Due to the energy crisis, poor weather conditions and low fuel supplies, there have been growing concerns that people in Britain and all over Europe may face power cuts this winter. Although the government has ruled out the possibility of power cuts, it is still important to ensure you are prepared to protect your property from potential power cuts in the future. In this blog, we will discuss effective ways you can prepare your property for power cuts.  


  1. Think about which systems will be affected by power cuts  


You should consult your insurers about the safety of your building. It is possible that power cuts may cause damage to your water, electricity, heating, or alarms. Your insurer should be able to provide you with all the necessary information about the safety of your building and how such systems may be impacted during a power cut. 


  1. Look into hiring more security for entrances 

During a power cut, buildings with electronic locks and CCTV systems are more vulnerable to intruders. By hiring more security for entrances, you can make your building safer for everyone.  


  1. Inform everyone as soon as you know when a power cut may happen 

You should send out an email, text, or letter to inform your occupiers when the power cut will begin and end, to give them the chance to prepare. 


  1. Ensure your phone is fully charged 

If you do not have a landline, you should ensure your mobile phones and other devices are fully charged before the power cut begins.  


  1. Be prepared for an emergency  

You need to be prepared for any emergency during a power cut. You should check up on people to make sure that no one is trapped inside lifts or in other areas of the building.  

Once the power returns, you may have to buildings reset certain systems within the building such as CCTV, gates, boilers, and fire alarms.  



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