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Oct 31 2022

Gas Safety Certificate (CP12): Why is it required?

It is a legal requirement for landowners to obtain a Gas Safety Certificate which is also known as a CP12 certificate. A registered qualified gas safety engineer will inspect your property. It is the responsibility of landowners to ensure that the gas safety engineers are listed in the gas safe register. After inspection, the engineer will provide you with a CP12 certificate. The CP12 certificate will include the following:  

  • a description of all the appliances that have been checked and their location  
  • The name of the gas safety engineer and their registration number. 
  • Your full name and personal details 
  • The date and address where the inspection was carried out 
  • Report of any faults in the gas appliances 

Tenants also have a legal responsibility to check any gas appliances that they own.  


Why is a Gas Safety Certificate (CP12) required? 

To rent out property, landowners are required, by law, to obtain a CP12 certificate. Residential properties such as flats, hostels and rented houses as well as commercial properties like hotels and shops require a gas safety inspection.  


When will you receive your CP12? 

You will usually receive your CP12 certificate within 48 hours of your inspection. You may also be able to obtain an online copy of the certificate if the company provides you with this option. In the case that there is a fault with your gas appliances, you will only receive your CP12 once the faults have been fixed.  


How long is a CP12 valid for and how much does it cost? 

A CP12 is valid for twelve months. Therefore, you are required to have a gas safety inspection annually.  

The gas safety certificate can range between £34 and £150 depending on the company that you choose. It may be cheaper or more expensive depending on the type of property such as residential or commercial property.  


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