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Nov 09 2022

How do you claim back stamp duty?

If you own two houses, you would usually be expected to pay an additional rate of stamp duty. It is possible to claim a refund on the tax you paid if you decide to sell the first property shortly after buying the second house. In brief, stamp duty is the tax you must pay when buying either land or property within the UK that is above a specific value. Since April 2016, stamp duty rates for second home owners were increased. Buyers are expected to pay a 3% surcharge on top of existing stamp duty rates. This blog will discuss what the stamp duty refund is and how to apply for a refund.  


What is the stamp duty refund? 

Those who own two houses can apply for a stamp duty refund only if they sell their main residence within 3 years of purchasing the second home. The refund you can expect is the 3% surcharge.  

How to apply for a refund? 

You would not have to use a solicitor or an accountant to apply for a refund. You can apply using an online form or fill in the form on-screen, print it off and post it to HMRC (His Majesty s Revenue & Customs). HMRC aims to process the repayment within 15 working days from the date of receiving your application and all the information necessary. The information you would be required to provide includes: your personal details such as your full name and address, details of the property that attracted the higher rates of stamp duty land tax and the home you have sold, how much tax you are asking for a repayment of etc.  

Before making a stamp duty tax refund claim, you must check that you qualify for it, use a tax calculator to work out how much you are owed and gather all the necessary evidence to support your claim.  


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