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Nov 11 2022

How do I know if I am spending too much for a house?

Recently, property prices have increased within the UK. Sellers are demanding higher prices ever since the pandemic. In this blog, we will discuss how you can assess whether you are paying too much for a house.  


  1. Research the local market: 

One way you can assess whether you are paying too much for a house is to research the local market. You should check the following to make a judgement about whether you are paying too much for a house: 

  • How much comparable houses or flats have sold for recently in the area 
  • What they are fetching right now 
  • How many are available 


You should also ask an estate agent about how long the property has been on the market. There are also online portals which  allow you to save your favourite properties. Therefore, you can keep an eye out for whether the asking price has been reduced. 


  1. Valuing your own home 

You can use online valuation tools such as Zoopla and Property Price Advice. It is possible that these valuations are out of date and therefore will not provide you with accurate information based on recent improvements you have made to your home since moving in. 


  1. Talk to estate agents 

You should find experienced estate agents who may be able to advise on an acceptable offer, based on the seller’s circumstances. You can also ask estate agents who have listed the property in the past. They may be able to advise you whether the price is reasonable or over-stretched.  


  1. Get a house survey 

Once your offer has been accepted on a property, you should arrange a survey. It is recommended that buyers commission their own survey, including a condition report as well as a valuation. The survey can help reveal unexpected or costly issues which may enable you to negotiate a lower offer.  



Your research, communication with estate agents and survey should give you an idea of whether you are spending too much on your house. It is also important to keep in mind other costs including stamp duty, additional fees, your income, and mortgage payments. It is essential that you conduct your own research before accepting a costly mortgage.  


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