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Nov 15 2022

What do I need to do for a pre-tenancy clean?

Property owners must ensure that the property is clean before the new tenants move in. It is also the responsibility of the previous tenants to ensure that they keep the property in the same condition as it was before they moved in. As a property owner, you should set the standards high from the beginning. In this way, you will attract the right types of tenants who maintain the cleanliness of the property in the future. This blog will discuss 6 essential steps for a pre-tenancy clean.  

Step 1: Check over the whole property 

Once the previous tenants have left and you have completed other essential checks such as ensuring that there is nothing damaged or requires replacement, you should check over the property and create a checklist. You should take a picture of each room so that you can keep a record of your ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures.  

Step 2: Wipe the doors and windowsills 

You should ensure that you wipe the doors and windowsills thoroughly to remove any dust. You can then use polish to add some shine and open the windows to allow fresh air in.  

Step 3: Clean sockets and switches 

Sockets often collect the most dust and light switches may have finger marks on them, therefore you should use high quality products to clean them. Make sure you are careful when cleaning sockets as it is a potential electrical hazard.  

Step 4: clean the kitchen  

Since people use their kitchen often, you will need to clean the surfaces with disinfectant and antibacterial products. Make sure to also clean inside the cupboards too as there may be crumbs or left-over food.  

Step 5: clean the bathroom  

Ensure that the bathroom is cleaned thoroughly. We recommend that you use a toothbrush to clean tight spaces in the shower and around the taps. 

Step 6: Vacuum 

Make sure that you are not only vacuuming the floors, but also use a vacuum to remove any dirt behind furniture or on the furniture itself.  


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