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kim namjoon
Jan 30 2023

5 tips on how to be a successful Airbnb host

If you want to provide a successful Airbnb service, you must think thoroughly about your marketing strategy to attract your ideal guests. The Airbnb platform prioritises listings that are most relevant and will reward hosts who market their properties creatively. You can increase your listings relevance through SEO optimization. This blog will provide 4 tips on how to be a successful Airbnb host.  


Tip 1: Think about hiring a photographer  

Your potential guests will consider your property depending on the quality of your photos. If you have high quality, attractive photos of your property, then you are more likely to get bookings. The photographer should focus on the property’s best features and depict the property in the most accurate way possible.  


Tip 2: Respond quickly to guest enquiries  

It is essential that you respond as soon as possible to any guest enquiries. The Airbnb platform will work out the average amount of time it takes you to respond to your new messages. All hosts should have an average response rate of 90% or more to pass. If you are unable to respond to messages immediately, you can make use of automation tools. Furthermore, if you do not have the answer to a specific question, you should still respond to them as soon as possible explaining that you will get back to them as soon as you have an answer.  


Tip 3: Do not cancel on your guests 

You should commit to hosting all your guests and once a reservation has been made, you should not cancel on them. Cancellations should only be made under specific circumstances such as emergencies. You should also ensure you prevent double bookings as this could lead to cancellations.  


Tip 4: Maintain 5 star reviews  

If you follow all the tips above, you will maintain a good reputation and your guests will leave positive reviews. 5 star reviews will increase confidence and trust and attract more guests. 


Tip 5: Ensure you have approval to let out property as a sublet

It is important that you check whether you are permitted to let out the property as a sublet. If the lease does not allow you to sublet the property, you will need to ask the property owner for their permission.


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