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Feb 15 2023

How to reduce property withdrawals?

Effective communication is essential to reduce property withdrawals. You should never overpromise if you cannot deliver. This blog will provide 4 tips to reduce property withdrawals. 


Tip 1: Provide an introductory call for all new listings  

Once a property is placed on the market, you should provide an introductory call for the recent listing (for both sales and lettings). This call is important as it ensures that the office team builds a relationship with the seller.  


Sellers or property owners would select an agent who has sustained a good reputation and who they have trusted to visit the property. Agents who are consistently unavailable for a phone call would struggle to gain the trust of a seller or property owner. In the case that an agent is unavailable, it is always important to introduce another team member to the client to continue the relationship to move forward with the sale or let. 


Tip 2: Arrange viewings and viewing feedback call  

Another effective way to reduce property withdrawals is to arrange viewings in an efficient way. This means that you should always ensure that the seller or property owner is up-to-date with everything. You should call the seller or property owner before the viewing to inform them of who is viewing the property, their position, and the time the viewing will take place.  

Following the viewing, you should remember to arrange a viewing feedback call. You should ensure that you let the tenant or buyer know that they should expect a feedback call. Ensure that you plan the feedback call well by preparing open questions to ask them.  


Tip 3: Keep in touch call 

This should be a professional call in which you provide advice using your expertise. You should update the seller on the sales market and ensure that you provide them with advice in relation to their circumstances. During your phone call, you should make sure to take detailed notes about what was discussed and agreed. Keep your notes short, preferably bullet points.  


Tip 4: Ask open questions  

If you ask good and relevant open questions whilst also actively listening to your customer, then this will help you build a stronger relationship and build rapport which would reduce the likelihood of property withdrawals. It is essential that you take a person-centred approach in which you adapt your communication style to meet the needs of your customer.  


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