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Feb 24 2023

Would a loft conversion add value to property?

Many homeowners are struggling to afford upgrading to larger homes to meet their needs as house prices are constantly on the rise. Families who need more living space may choose to  build upwards-converting lofts. Others are investing in loft conversions as they see it as an effective way to increase the value of their home.  


Would a loft conversion add value to property? 

Loft conversions are a great way to add value to property as it provides extra space – extra living space is highly desirable for many potential buyers. Although loft conversions can increase the value of the property significantly, homeowners must ensure that they do their research before such an investment as they can lose a lot of money if they do not do it correctly. There are many factors which determine whether a loft conversion will add value. Before deciding to build a loft conversion, you should ask local estate agents for advice and their opinion on whether a loft conversion is a worthwhile investment. The value will often depend on other houses in the area and whether they have a loft conversion or not.  


How much will a loft conversion cost? 

The price of a loft conversion depends on the location and how complex it will be to build it. Simple conversions cost approximately £10,000. For more complex loft conversions with an en-suite bathroom and dormer window, you can expect to spend between £25,000 – £40,000.  


Types of loft conversions 

There are three main types of loft conversions: 


  1. Rooflight/Velux 


This is the simplest, less disruptive option as it just involves converting the existing space and adding roof lights to the roof. If you are looking for a smaller loft conversion, then this would be the option for you.  


2. Dormer 

A dormer extension is a great choice if the existing loft space is not big enough as it creates extra headroom. 


3. Mansard 

This type of conversion is popular with inner London local authorities. The roof space is extended to the rear and may also extend to the front with brick sides and vertical windows. 


Before choosing the type of conversion for your property, you should get into contact with local estate agents to determine which conversion would add most value. 


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