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Mar 01 2023

Airbnb neighbour complaints

While an Airbnb rental may be rewarding, it also brings many challenges such as neighbour complaints. There are many issues that can lead to complaints including parking issues, noisy neighbours, and safety issues. Guests may take up the parking space belonging to the neighbour. They may also be extremely noisy if they have many kids or parties. Safety issues may also arise if guests are unpleasant or aggressive. This blog will discuss how neighbour complaints can impact your Airbnb and how you can prevent neighbour complaints.  


How can neighbour complaints impact your Airbnb? 

If your neighbours are unhappy with your Airbnb rental, this could negatively impact your Airbnb business. If you can solve the issue directly, then it may not have a significant impact on your business. However, if the issues continue, then your neighbours may escalate the complaints to the point of taking legal action against you.  


What can you do to prevent neighbour complaints? 

Communication, maintaining a good relationship with your neighbours and setting boundaries for your guests are key to preventing neighbour complaints.  

Here are a few steps to running a successful Airbnb and preventing neighbour complaints:  

  1. Introduce yourself to your neighbours: You should take the time to get to know your neighbours, their boundaries and inform them about your what your business is.  


  1. Do not allow your guests to organise parties:?Setting boundaries for your guests, particularly in relation to parties, will help to prevent noise-related complaints.  


  1. Screen Potential Guests:?Check out potential guest ratings to see how they are rated by past hosts. It may be better that you do not accept them as guests if they do not appear to be suitable as they could disturb your neighbours or damage your property.  


  1. Be proactive and listen to your neighbours’ concerns: If your neighbours directly complain to you, take their complaints seriously and try to address the issues. This will prevent the complaints from escalating. 


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