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Mar 03 2023

5 questions to ask at a rental viewing


  1. What is included in the monthly/ weekly rental price?  


It is important that you know what items is included in the monthly rental price. Furnished apartments means that you will not need to spend on furniture. However, if the apartment is unfurnished, you will have to spend on furniture. If you would like to use your own furniture in an already fully furnished property, you will have to ask for permission to do this. Anything that is damaged through wear and tear would need to be dealt with by the property owner who should cover the costs.  


2. How long is the rental agreement?  

Make sure you are aware of the duration of the contract (exact date it starts and ends). Often, tenancy agreements last between 6-12 months.  


3. How and when do I need to pay rent?  

You would usually be required to pay rent through direct debit. If you would prefer another payment method, then you should ensure you ask about the other options available to you.  

Another common rental payment method is a standing order which also ensures that you do not miss your payments. Ensure that you also ask about when the rent will be due each month.  


4. How much is the deposit?  

According to the Tenancy Fees Act, your deposit should be no more than 5-weeks of rent (for yearly rents less than £50,000). For annual rent over £50,000, this is capped at 6-weeks of rent.  

All deposits should be placed into a Tenancy Deposit Scheme. This protects your deposit throughout your tenancy.  


5. What is the policy on decoration and pets?  

Some property owners may not allow tenants to decorate or have pets in the property. Other property owners may be more lenient with decoration and owning pets. If decoration or having pets at home is something that you are thinking of, you must ask for permission first.  


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