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Mar 13 2023

Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your lettings agency

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a significant role in our modern life. AI ranges from speech recognition, chatbots and smart assistants. Letting agents should make use of AI to offer clients an efficient service and explore new ways of working.  


RentTech refers to any technology that property owners, agents and tenants can use as part of the modern-day lettings process. Letting agents have made use of RentTech in recent years.  


This blog will discuss 4 different ways AI can be utilised in your lettings agency.  


1. Write content with natural language processing tech 

ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool which can make your writing more effective and can make creating content an easier process. ChatGPT was launched 2 months ago and has gone viral in the past few weeks with 100 million active users each month. 


With ChatGPT, you can write in a variety of styles such as blogs and property listings. You can also add your target location and target audience to create tailored content.  


ChatGPT tends to be very accurate, but you should still read over your writing before publishing it. 


2. Check IDs with facial recognition 

You can use facial recognition to check IDs. This would be more accurate than checking IDs manually. It will also check for fraudulent documents.  


3. Virtual reality tours 

Since the pandemic, there has been an increase in the number of online viewings. Some letting agents have made use of full 360° virtual tours with Matterport. Virtual reality tours are also useful for agents who work with clients overseas as it offers them an in-person experience without having to travel. 


4. Smart assistants in buy-to-rent properties 

You can add smart assistants in buy-to-rent properties such as Alexa. Properties with smart assistants can be highly attractive and tenants would be more likely to pay more for them as smart assistants add value to properties. 


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