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Mar 15 2023

What is the 'How to rent' guide and why is it important?

What is the ‘How to rent’ guide? 

The How to rent guide is aimed at tenants based in England and helps them with the renting process in the private sector. Tenants have the choice to either rent through a property owner or a letting agent.  

The guide provides clear steps on how to rent starting from how to search for a new home and outlines all their rights and responsibilities as tenants. 

The government is planning to make some changes to the ‘How to rent’ guide on 17 March 2023. 


When does the property owner or letting agent need to give the guide to the tenant? 

The guide must be provided to all tenants when their new assured shorthold tenancy starts. The Deregulation Act 2015 makes this a legal requirement. The property owner or letting agent can be provided to the tenant by email or they can provide tenants with a printed version of the guide.  


Does the guide need to be supplied on renewal or when transitioning to a periodic tenancy? 

Once the contract is renewed or moved to periodic, property owners and agents do not need to provide the guide again. However, if the guide has been updated since the contract originally started, then property owners and agents must provide the updated version.  


How can agents and property owners remain compliant with the How to rent guide requirements? 

Property owners and agents should ensure that they check the government’s website to stay up to date with the latest version of the guide. They should also ensure that they keep an audit trail of what their tenants have received and keep a record of all email communications. 


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