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Apr 12 2023

Outdoor key safes for rental properties: the pros and cons

Outdoor key safes are lockable storage devices used to store your keys for when you need to use them and are installed directly onto the external walls of your house. They can be a convenient tool as you would no longer have to always carry a set of keys with you, and you would not need to give spare keys to your neighbours or family members for emergencies. This blog will outline the advantages and disadvantages of using outdoor key safes. 


Pros of outdoor key safes: 

The benefits of using outdoor key safes include the following:  



  1. Security: 


Outdoor key safes provide security as it is much safer to keep extra keys in a lockable storage device as opposed to hiding your key under the mat or other random places such as a flowerpot. 


2. Allows you to give access to trusted individuals:  

You can provide your family members and friends with access to your property as well as trusted service providers. If someone requires care or assistance at home, outdoor key safes are a great solution as those with health issues do not have to walk to the door to allow people in.  


3. Peace of mind: 

Being locked out of the house is a stressful experience, therefore an outdoor key safe will ensure that you never find yourself in such a situation.  


4. Cost savings:  

Having an outdoor key safe also means you do not need to make extra copies of your keys each time you want to allow a new person to access your property. This means that it will save you money and it is hassle-free. 


Cons of outdoor key safes: 


  1. Quality issues:  


You need to ensure that the outdoor key safe is of good quality. Some outdoor key safes have been made using cheap plastic which are easy to open.  


2. Some may be expensive:  

There are some cheaper key safes, however, if you want a high quality, reliable key safe, you may find that they are quite costly.  


The information in this post is valid to the best of our knowledge on the date of posting. It is advised that you seek independent advice based on your individual circumstances. 


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