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Apr 24 2023

What should you do if your tenant moves another person in?

Private property owners are likely to encounter a situation in which their tenant has decided to move another person into the property. Often, the person who moves into the property is a partner and the tenant may not inform the property owner that this has happened. This blog will discuss what property owners should do if their tenants decide to move another person in with or without their permission.  


If you are happy to permit a new occupant to move in, you should: 

  1. Issue a new tenancy agreement – This new tenancy agreement should be a “joint tenancy,” which makes both occupants equally responsible.  
  2. Notify your building insurance provider: You should notify your building insurance provider of the change in circumstances. In return, your provider should provide you with a written document to confirm it.  


If you are unhappy/ if your tenant did not ask for your permission to move someone in, you should: 

  • Try to find out whether the new person is a regular visitor or a permanent occupant, but this may be challenging to prove. 
  • You can also speak to your tenant directly – if they did not ask for your permission and you do not mind, then you should let your tenant know that you need to update the tenancy agreement.  
  • Legal action: you can decide to take legal action if you are unhappy about the situation and if they did not ask for permission. This is especially true if the tenancy agreement clearly states that they are not allowed to bring someone else to live in the property. You can issue your tenant with a Section 8 eviction notice. 


The information in this post is valid to the best of our knowledge on the date of posting. It is advised that you seek independent advice based on your individual circumstances. 


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