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moving house
Aug 07 2023

Moving house? Here's what you should do

  1. Redirect your mail and calls 

You can use the Royal Mail’s redirection service to redirect your mail and calls to your new address. The cost of this service starts from £36 for three months.  

2. Start packing 

It is best to start packing as early as possible. You should start packing all your essentials first and label the boxes so that it is easy to organise your items into your new home. You should dispose of or sell items that you do not want in your new home.  


3. Choose a removals company  


This step is not essential, but a removals company can make the process of packing quicker and easier. However, the cost of the removals company will vary depending on how many items are being moved, the distance and the number of people required to move the items.  


4. Prepare your old home for the new owner 

To help the new owner operate the boiler and alarm, you can place an instruction sheet/ booklet in a visible area in the house which they can then read if they need to. The instruction booklet should include the location of the meters and fuse box etc. You should label all the keys.  


5. What should you do after you have moved? 

Once you have moved, you need to pay your stamp duty bill within 30 days if your property costs more than £250,000 (or £425,000 as a first-time buyer).  

The information in this post is valid to the best of our knowledge on the date of posting. It is advised that you seek independent advice based on your individual circumstances. 

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