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Plans to increase the mandatory EPC ratings for properties may now be abandoned

In a recent announcement, Rishi Sunak has revealed that the government’s plans to revise EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating standards for properties and implement a ban on gas boilers will be scaled back, particularly for homeowners and landlords. 

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak delivered a speech outlining the reduction of the government’s energy efficiency objectives, initially designed to support the government’s Net Zero by 2050 initiative. However, his speech suggests that the plans to increase the mandatory EPC ratings for properties may now be abandoned, and the proposal to prohibit gas boilers might be postponed. 

Abandoning the Requirement for Landlords to Upgrade to EPC C Rating 

Previously, the government had proposed that landlords would be obligated to improve their properties to achieve an EPC C rating by 2025 for new tenancies and by 2028 for all tenancies. 

Nonetheless, Sunak has now indicated that homeowners and landlords may no longer face these new energy efficiency obligations. Consequently, landlords will not be expected to invest up to £10,000 in upgrades, and there will be no penalties for those who fail to meet this standard. Instead, landlords and other households will be encouraged to upgrade voluntarily. 

Delayed Transition Away from Gas Boilers 

Rishi Sunak has announced an extension of the timeline for households to transition to heat pumps or other low-carbon alternatives, with only 80% of gas boilers now expected to be phased out by 2035. Off-grid gas homes also have until 2035 to make the necessary upgrades. 

This adjustment spares households from the immediate burden of spending £10,000-£15,000 on upgrades within the next three years. 

Enhanced Support via the Boiler Upgrade Scheme 

In addition to the delay, Sunak has also introduced enhancements to the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, which offers grants to partially cover the cost of replacing gas boilers with heat pumps or biomass boilers. 

These grants will see a 50% increase, allowing individuals to access up to £7,500. Furthermore, Octopus Energy provides a heat pump installation at no cost when utilizing this government support, as reported by the Guardian. 

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