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Sep 28 2023

Why is Open Banking Significant for Letting Agents?

Open banking holds vast potential across various industries including real estate. Let us explore how this secure online solution can be advantageous to estate and letting agents. 


What is Open Banking? 

Open banking entails the secure sharing of banking data, encompassing transactions, credit cards, loans, and more, with authorised third parties. These third parties must undergo a rigorous due diligence process to obtain regulatory approval from authorities like the Financial Conduct Authority (or its European equivalent). 

With the account holder’s consent, these third parties can assist consumers in making informed financial decisions and managing their finances more efficiently. Importantly, account holders must opt in to participate in the scheme, and only pertinent data is shared securely. 

How Can Open Banking Benefit Agents? 

Open banking can streamline the financial verification process in tenant referencing. The conventional approach is time-consuming for tenants, financially burdensome for landlords, and a labour-intensive task for letting agents responsible for overseeing the process. 

Traditional financial checks involve sifting through various documents, ranging from tenants’ pay stubs and bank statements to employment verification letters. 

Through open banking, letting agents can access a comprehensive overview of a tenant’s financial behavior based on their income and rental payment history directly from their bank, with the tenant’s consent. This is done accurately and securely. 

Enhancing Data Security with Open Banking 

The digitization of this process also offers the added advantage of aiding letting agents in adhering to data protection regulations. The automated experience minimizes the potential for human errors, ensuring agents have precise information and reducing the administrative costs typically associated with the traditional, protracted referencing process. 

The comprehensive tenant profile resulting from this transparent data sharing benefits both letting agents and landlords. The risk of rent arrears diminishes, and tenants can sign contracts and make payments more swiftly, thereby reducing property vacancy periods and satisfying landlords. 

The Future of Open Banking 

Some providers are introducing tenant passports, consolidating all this information into one easily transferable resource between tenancies. In the future, open banking might even simplify rent payments further. 

The information in this post is valid to the best of our knowledge on the date of posting. It is advised that you seek independent advice based on your individual circumstances. 

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