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Nov 29 2023

What plans does the Labour Party have regarding the private rented sector?

According to a recent Ipsos Political Monitor survey, 37% of those who took part anticipate a Labour majority in the next General Election, while 22% expect a hung parliament with Labour as the largest party.

Here’s an overview of the impact a Labour government could have on the UK’s private rented sector (PRS) if the party secures power.

  1. Abolishment of Section 21: In September 2022, Labour unveiled its plans for rental reform, further detailed in October 2023 through a renters’ charter. A key aspect of Labour’s PRS strategy involves eliminating Section 21 eviction notices, which allow landlords to evict tenants without specifying a reason, commonly known as “no fault” evictions. During the debate on the Renters (Reform) Bill in October 2023, the Conservative party argued for significant court reforms before abolishing Section 21, leaving the timeline uncertain. However, Labour, led by Angela Rayner, deputy Leader of the Labour party and shadow housing secretary, has declared its intent to scrap Section 21 on the first day in office.
  2. Raising Standards: In addition to abolishing Section 21, Labour is committed to implementing a legally-binding Decent Homes Standard for the private rented sector. This standard, originally part of the Renters (Reform) Bill, outlines the minimum requirements for social housing in England and Northern Ireland.
  3. Boosting Housebuilding: Labour pledges to increase house construction, prioritising social and genuinely affordable homes. Collaboration with local government, the housing industry, and investors is central to their plan to address the shortage of available properties.
  4. Warm Homes Initiative: The Labour government is dedicated to green energy projects, with a goal to upgrade every home to EPC standard C within a decade. While specifics for the private rented sector remain unclear, Labour aims to cut energy bills permanently.
  5. Additional Measures in the Renters’ Charter: The charter is expected to encompass various new measures, such as ending automatic evictions for rent arrears, introducing a four-month notice period for landlords, allowing renters to have pets, permitting “reasonable” alterations to a property, and creating schemes to make tenancy deposits more portable.

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