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Jan 2024 Crack down on rogue landlords

Jan 2024: Crack down on rogue landlords

Since the beginning of 2024, Housing Secretary Michael Gove revealed new initiatives aimed at curbing the activities of rogue landlords. This response came in the wake of the tragic demise of two-year-old Awaab Ishak, who passed away due to the dangerous effects of mold in his rented social housing.

Here are the following 4 ongoing government initiatives aimed at tackling rogue landlords throughout the United Kingdom.

  1. Awaab’s Law: this law has been proposed for rogue social landlords and mandates that emergency repairs be completed within 24 hours of identification, as per a consultation initiated by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing, and Communities. This legal requirement stipulates that landlords address hazards identified within social housing within seven days and emergency repairs within 24 hours. Failure to adhere to these timelines may lead to legal action and potential compensation for tenants. This initiative aims to protect tenants and prevent death.
  2. Good Landlord Charter consultation: Mayor Andy Burnham is intensifying efforts against rogue landlords through the Good Landlord Charter consultation in Greater Manchester. This proposed scheme involves collaboration among various teams, including the fire service, environmental health staff, and police, to tackle rogue landlords.
  3. Launch of Rogue Landlord Task Force: Liverpool City Council launched a Rogue Landlord Task Force to address complex cases of rogue landlords involved in property exploitation. Funded by a £2 million grant from the Department for Levelling Up, this task force collaborates with partners to gather information and ban landlords from the market in Liverpool and surrounding areas.
  4. Privately rented housing must meet minimum quality standards: Following a vote passed by Norwich City Council, privately rented housing are required to meet minimum quality standards, enforced by a dedicated team. The vote also mandates landlords to have the correct licensing, with potential council tax increases for multiple homes. Brighton & Hove City Council introduces fines for landlords failing to meet required standards, with fines around £500 for properties not up to standard.

The information in this post is valid to the best of our knowledge on the date of posting. It is advised that you seek independent advice based on your individual circumstances.

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